Book 3: The Trainer


Book Three, “The Trainer,” turns to the world of Slave Trainers,

and follows would-be trainer, Michael LaGuardia, who leaves his laid-back West Coast training facility to study under the most sought-after American Master Trainer, Imala Anderson. Confident and self-assured, Michael soon learns that his natural dominance is no match for Anderson’s second-in-command, Chris Parker. Glimpses of different training houses, and a look at how Marketplace-savvy trainers and spotters glide through the “soft world” BDSM events and conferences, give Michael – and avid readers – a better understanding of why it takes more than a pert ass and cheerful attitude to create a Marketplace slave.

Excerpt from The Trainer


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In the hierarchy of positions within the Marketplace, there is no role as vital as that of the responsible trainer. The extraordinary trainer will at once be a pedagogue, a parent, an exacting employer, a model employee and a drill sergeant. The skills needed to even approach a professional level of ability are rare. We have found that there are certain types of individuals uniquely suited to the vocation, and may in fact feel a calling to it. Our challenge is in howto take that inspiration, that drive, and hone it to razor sharpness, in effect training the trainer, so that the results of their work will improve the stock of clientele.

Comment from TammyJo Eckhart,

“The (revised Mystic Rose Books edition) is a better story than the original and a story which more neatly fits into the series as a whole. . . . There are five added chapters to The Trainer which do a wonderful job of filling in some gaps from The Slave and leading us more clearly into The Academy. . . This version of The Trainer is a better read than the original.”

Comment from Venus Bookclub:

“A WOULD-BE MASTER GETS THE DISCIPLINE HE DESERVES In this darkly erotic third volume of the Marketplace…, Michael Laguardia is a cocky young man, confident he has the makings of a master. Mike has always dreamed that he would one day have his own sexual slaves to service his every need and desire. And he knows that the Mark etplace is the perfect place to start. In this elaborate secret society, slaves are trained and sold… but entrance is extremely selective. Then Mike is accepted for “master training” at the prestigious Anderson house, famed for turning out the most exquisitely submissive slaves and the most deftly cruel masters. Unfortunately for Mike, Chris Parker, a top master trainer, pegs Mike as an insolent upstart – and Chris is put in charge of his training. Soon, Mike will discover a new and unimagined ecstasy … and a secret that will change everything.”

Different Light Bookstores On-Line Review:

What does would-be trainer Michael LaGuardia need to do to capture the attention of master trainer Chris Parker? Michael has much to learn about the art of commanding respect. But with effort he finds himself immersed in Chris’ troubled psyche. Long-hidden sexual secrets are revealed in this third book of the Marketplace [series].