Book 4: The Academy


Book Four, the Academy, takes up where The Trainer leaves off,

with Chris Parker taking junior trainer Michael LaGuardia to an annual meeting of Trainers and Spotters in Okinawa. This book explores both the strict, hidden order behind the men and women who train the exquisite Marketplace slaves and the mysteries behind the life of Mr. Parker himself. To add to the sense of multiple voices and cultural differences, author Laura Antoniou invited friends to create short stories, told in the voices of various trainers and spotters, and woven through the primary tale. Politics and sex abound in this “novelogy,” and fans of Chris Parker will learn even more about how he first met Anderson and entered the Marketplace.

Excerpt from The Academy


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How did they do this on a regular basis, Michael thought, as Ken discussed his explanation and apology with Marcy. How can any human being sleep at night knowing that at any moment, they can be stripped naked and made to do humiliating things in front of people – people they might have to deal with later on?
He had always assumed that slaves – people who wanted to be slaves anyway – had some quirk in their nature that made these things hot, or at least acceptable. But what if their erotic attachment was to only one person, or only one situation? What if all they needed or wanted was to be the upstairs maid? Or to be one master’s fuck toy? And what if their owner could still compel them to do things like this? How did they cope?

Comment from “Nordic Sub” at

“Of all the erotic bdsm fiction, this is the one series that consistently mesmerizes. With its delicious characters, it’s hot, yet tasteful scenes and its totally original concept, Laura Antoniou remains the true master of medium. The most remarkable thing about “The Academy” is that even though more than one writer contributes to the piece (in reality a series of short stories rather than one fluid work), it reads like the perfect novel.”

Comment from TammyJo Eckhart:

“…The erotic element (in The Academy) is present in good form…don’t be surprised if your reading must take breaks from time to time as your imagination arouses other desires. In fact, I think this is a wonderful book for anyone interested in the concept of slavery and service, from either perspective of the enslaved or the owner. The setting is international and the characters diverse, and the sexual charge runs the gambit from romantic to hardcore. Something which may be a turn-off in your real life may turn out to be a spark when represented with Antoniou’s flare for words.”

Comment from Venus Bookclub:

“All of your favorite trainers and slaves are back for another round of delightful punishment! This hot new tale, #4 in the Marketplace series, joins Chris Parker and dozens of other trainers as they journey to mystical Japan for their annual meeting. But there’s plenty of pleasure mixed with the business of domination. Like nervous slave Doris getting broken in with an unforgettable ride on her new master’s motorcycle…and Miss Claudia’s new maid Francis being ordered to perform some arousing household chores…or the muscular burglar who receives swift punishment when he’s caught breaking into slave Fancy’s home. In this exciting novelogoy, The Academy interweaves short stories from some illustrious guest authors including Cecilia Tan, M. Christian and Karen Taylor. In addition, the book contains a bonus novelette, which tells the story of when Chris Parker first met Anderson, “The Trainer of Trainers.” This latest tell will leave you begging for more!”