Hire Laura


 If you want someone who is gonna tell it like it is, sans bullshit and politics, Laurie is the one you want to see. Her audiences are treated to an experience that is like educational address meets stand up comedy.”
– Karen in Florida

Laura can emcee, present classes/workshops, lead discussions, act as an auctioneer, and make speeches

email Laura(@)Lantoniou(dot)com

Provide as much information as you can, in a clear and thoughtful email. Be sure to include:

  •  the name, date, and location of your event.
  •  What costs you will cover and what you are  offering for a speaking fee.
  •  What classes or appearance types you are requesting. Her list of classes can be found here.
  •  A link to your website or some information about the group or organization, including two contact people with e-mail addresses and phone numbers

“As a producer of events focusing on Master/slave and Dominant/submissive relationships, Laura Antoniou is one of the first people I think of as a presenter. Ms. Antoniou understands the dynamics of such relationships, and always offers a well-prepared and thought-provoking presentation. As slave marsha also can testify, Ms. Antoniou speaks from the heart about the reality of Master/slave relationships.” – Master Jim and slave marsha, producers, South Plains Leatherfest

Everything can be negotiated! Laura is happy to negotiate her fee for multiple appearances at the same event, or with several organizations in the same area to cover a local “tour.” Here’s some ideas to help you plan the event:

  • How about a cut at the door?
  • Arrange with a local store to have a book-signing, or to sell Laura’s books at your event!
  • Can’t pay for a hotel but can provide a private room in a home with internet access and local travel? That’s definitely negotiable.
  • Try local cross-promotion with other groups, interviews with alternative papers/radio, or book-signings at a local fetish or bookstore. Laura loves to hear that local groups are working collaboratively and sharing her time.
  • Check Laura’s calendar and see if she’s within 50-150 miles of where you are.
  • Contact the local sponsoring group to see if you can share the costs of bringing her to your region – make it a win-win for all!

Laura loves to be seduced! Make your offer even more tempting!!

  • Is this an event where Laura would appear for the first time? Get a discount!
  • Promote Laura’s visibility in your community. (Groups in the past have done pod-casts, newspaper interviews, special dinners with their board members, and internet radio interviews.)
  • Pay for a companion to accompany Laura. Laura likes to travel with either her spouse or her Daddy, but, this is *not* required. However, if she is paying for someone to accompany her, registration for the event should be included for them.

“Laura Antoniou brings such energy in the room when she speaks. She is very inspiring and motivating. Don’t miss listening to Laura speak if you ever have the chance. It is definitely worth it!” — Coty, Buffalo PEP

Laura does not speak before 10:00 a.m. Do not schedule her workshops, readings or speeches prior to that time. She will be grumpy.

Good evening fellow perverts, and thank you for finally realizing that keynote speeches do not sound good at 9AM after a weekend of dungeon parties. The only thing that sounds good at 9AM after a weekend of dungeon parties is, “Oh my God you are fabulous,” followed by more sleeping. — Laura Antoniou