Appearances in 2018


I am keeping my travel focused on events that I enjoy, and feed my writing juju. For 2018, here’s a few places you can find me:

April 30-May 8 – Without leaving my living room, I’m participating in a conference! The online “Sex, Power & Leadership” Conference is taking place.  Here’s a tidbit of my contribution.


May 4-6 – Ohio SMART Summer School! I’m merging my kinky and geeky tastes, and leading a workshop I’m calling “You May Call Me Villain McVillainface: Using the Evil Overlord Career Guide in Your Kinky Relationships.” How can you resist?

June 3rd – I’m headed over to Bucks County for their munch, and a discussion on dominance and submission.

June 14-17 – Southeast Leatherfest! I’m bringing a bunch of new workshops to this wonderful Atlanta weekend.

July 1st – I’m staying close to home with a visit to the NYC chapter of MAST.

July 20-22 – Still on my top 3 best events – Thunder in the Mountains.  I’ll be there combining my kinky and geeky sides again.


I hope to see you this spring or summer!